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samsung, both accusing each other of stealing their ideas. scott butt mdman is on the phon. scott, a billion dollars was awarded and this local jury worked quickly, didn't they? >> they did, raj. >> okay. we seem to have -- scott, i think we're losing you here. we seem to have audio difficulties. if we can re-establish the line with you. samsung has essentially found that apple won this case, more than $1 billion in path tent co copyright cases here? a series of suspicious devices forced residents to evacuate today in the tenderloin on jones street. they found several pipes cut down and sealed in the basement. the bomb squad was called in after officers determined that those items may be hazardous. 75 people were forced out onto the street for several hours while the package was being checked. ultimately, investigators determined that they were not hazardous. >>> state lawmakers are now moving to ease some regulations on utilities in hopes of avoiding another san bruno type pipeline disaster. a bill passed unanimously this week. if signed into law t. would reduce the amount of env
hollywood overnight. director tony scott, the man behind "top gun," he's taken his own life. details just ahead. >> at least five people hurt when a race car crashes into a crowd. this was at the missouri state fair. what went wrong? >>> and political firestorm. a u.s. congressman creates a major controversy when he says this -- >> if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> now he's backtracking. >> good morning to you and welcome to "early start." >> it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> we do begin with breaking news overnight. we're following three big developing stories. first of all, the director of the movie "top gun "so i dead. he reportedly jumped off a bridge. christine romans is here. what you have found out? >> we found out that hollywood waking up to news really sad news. mourning the death of "top gun" director tony scott. they're treating this case as a suicide. saying he jumped off the vincent thomas bridge yesterday in san pedro, california. his death take the entertainment industry and insiders by surprise. >> we use the word sh
was director by "top gun" another big screen hit its. today, attributes are being paid to tony scott after his suicide in los angeles. today, britain's prince philip was released from a scottish hospital after five days of treatment for an infection. we have all of the details for you. >> it wondering why there has been quite a fuss over a non- life-threatening condition? behave yourselves if you missed it. he thanked some of the staff who have looked after him since his admission last week before heading off with a wave and 50 mile drive to the royal family's estate. it was on wednesday of last week after a short visit to the isle of wight said doctors diagnosed the recurrence of a bladder infection which hospitalized him an early june. he had appeared in good health at a garden party a few days earlier. he was told to rest while doctors treated the infection with antibiotics. this was not a critical health scare. the rest of the royal family carried on with their holiday routine as normal, attending church yesterday. but it's the third time in eight months of the duke has had to receive hosp
this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, reporting tonight from tampa. >> pelley: good evening, isaac is not a hurricane yet but soon will be. the tropical storm is slowing down, gaining strength, and seems headed for the moment toward new orleans. ehe center of isaac is over the gulf of mexico, about 300 miles southeast of the mouth of the mississippi river. it's expected to become a hurricane by tomorrow. watches and warnings affecting five million people are up all along the northern gulf coast from florida to louisiana. from space, isaac is wide. tropical storm winds under 74 miles an hour extend more than 200 miles from the center. we have a team of correspondents covering the storm, but first, let's go to cbs news hurricane hunsultant david bernard in miami. david, where is this headed? > good evening, scott. i think new orleans is the destination and, you're right, atioc is getting stronger tonight. the very latest has it as a strong tropical storm, 70 miles per hour, moving northwest at 12. that slower movement is going to be critical over the next 48 hours. the forecast now i
of sidelined the night of august night at salvo island, where admiral norman scott. he had a small cruiser group that was patrolling away from where the fighting was taking place on august 9, but as september rolled around and the american command kind of recruit, really so bored was have a confident knife fighting squadron, cruiser squadron, norman scott who was quickly seen as the guy who is the man of the moment to make that happen. he was given the command, flagship uss san francisco, and the job was to intercept the japanese so-called tokyo express, these nighttime runs and japanese were launching from the forward base, again running applies was not as the slot, this chain of islands here. the resupply run to go at night. the americans had the airfield on guadalcanal. we had a forward airbase here. it really wasn't ready for action for a few weeks, but by august 20 when uss long island comes in with a couple squadrons of marines died bombers and wildcat fighter bottoms, they are ready for action. by day the atheist at a radius of control. a perimeter that reaches really up, you know,
doesn't know me." captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, tonight you are going to hear from one of the navy seals who killed osama bin laden. in may of last year, 24 men from seal team 6 raided bin laden's home in abbottabad, pakistan. none of those men has publicly spoken about the mission until now. the seal you're about to meet has written a book and he has done his only interview for "60 minutes." then you walk into a secure room... he calls himself mark owen, that's not his real name. we've disguised him and will keep his name confidential for his own safety. owen was on the helicopter that crashed in bin laden's compound. he was the second man in the room when bin laden was shot. he took the photographs of the body that have never been released. but owen told us that the story is not about him. he says it's the story of hundreds of americans who spent years gathering intelligence, planning and training. of the seals, owen says, "we just took care of the last 40 minute." we built what we believe is the most ac
's not just todd akin's position. i mean, it's not like equivalent to scott brown believing he conferred with kings and queens when really he doesn't or remember when christine o'donnell assured the nation there are human/rice hybrids. >> they're cross breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. >> see, the todd akin thing is not like that. it's not just some weird thing that somebody in politics believes that nobody else can explain. he's not alone in believing that lady parts have a specific magic that can tell the difference between rapist sperm and happy to have you here sperm. todd akin's crazy theory is in fact something that a lot of people on the right and a lot of people in the antiabortion movement not only believe but they have been willing to talk about it for years. george w. bush appointed a man who believed this to be the chief judge of the eastern district federal court in the state of arkansas. some people on the right, this week, like the american family association, have been saying that todd akin is absolutely correct on th
what, he won. >>> big shock in the world of entertainment. hollywood director tony scott apparently committed suicide by jumping off a bridge last night. he left a note, but police have not released it. so we're left to wonder why. n movies you think of "top gun." >> you are instructed it to land, to land immediately. >> scott became a hollywood a-lister after his mega hit "top gun." star tom cruise. scott and his big brother, ridley scott, battled for top billing in the family. ridley had hits like "gladiator." tony scott's death has stunned the industry. >> we use the word shocking all the time when we hear about these deaths. but to think of tony scott, broerp of ridley scott, one of the most prominent and successful directors we have jumping off a bridge is almost impossible to contemplate. >> twitter lit up with comments like this one from fellow director ron howard. no more tony scott movies. tragic day. casey wayans joins us from los angeles. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: hollywood really is struggling to absorb this news that one of its most acclaimed filmmakers ha
with scott walker and the recall election. the governor is the best argument successful governors policy success and political success. mitch daniels chris christie, bobby jindal their success is template for possible success of the romney ryan ticket. this changes the campaign. this is not an older guy who is stable and solid and he can do a better job this is a reform conservative agenda that can be peril portrayed as a status quo that is not working. i like that fight honestly politically but it's a healthy debate for the country. >> steve, bill just mentioned scott walker governor of wisconsin. he just tweeted moment ago so happy for paul ryan. more happy for america. romney ryan 2012. he walker who fought off a recall effort in june successfully and has made that case a big issues matter. how does he factor into this campaign and how does he factor in moving forward? >> he factors in in a pretty significant way. the day after the recall election the day after on june 6th paul ryan came out and did a series of interviews that folths morning when he was asked about the meaning of the
restaurant in the south bay, but not everyone is there for the food. we bring in scott budman who joins us from the new chick-fil-a location in san jose. this is an east coast chain touching a nerve on the west coast. >> reporter: an interesting time to open in the bay area. there were two big crowds here tonight. on the one hand chick-fil-a opening to a lot of hungry customers that want their chicken sandwiching behind me. a steady stream of cars coming through. behind them lining the block, protestors, this got much more vocal when the head of chick-fil-a said because of his religious beliefs he did not believe in same-sex marriage. there's been protesting all day today during the grand opening. this is an all-day phenomenon, we have heard from people like these two earlier today. >> i'm not trying to make a political statement other than i stand in solidarity with dan kafee. i respect his strong commitment to beliefs. >> there's a hotel and parking lot and there's you and there's people at the other end of the television screen. we need to know that gay people exist and you can't vote u
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. what do you mean dark times? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting tonight from the republican national convention. >> pelley: and this is a special western edition. good evening. it is a night of two big stories. hurricane isaac made land fall tonight in louisiana. we'll switch to our correspondents there in a moment, but earlier this evening, republicans nominated mitt romney as their candidate for president. romney's six-year quest for the nomination came to a successful end with the votes cast by the delegation from new jersey. >> the garden state, the proud home of tonight's keynote address given by governor chris christie. ( cheers and applause ) proudly casts all 50 of its votes for the next president of the united states governor mitt romney. ( cheers and applause ) >> pelley: and then the delegates nominated buy acclamation congressman paul ryan of wisconsin as the republican vice president shall candidate. more from the convention in a moment. but here is the latest on isaac. the hurricane made land fall a short time ago in
because of me. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting tonight from birmingham, michigan. >> pelley: good evening, we're coming to you from the town square in birmingham where we caught up today with mitt romney. more on that in a moment. but we will begin the broadcast tonight with another mass shooting in america-- this time in the heart of new york city. it left two people dead, including the alleged gunman and nine others wounded. elaine quijano has the story. >> reporter: the gunfire erupted just after 9:00 a.m. at the peak of the morning rush. it began when 58-year-old jeffrey johnson walked up to a former coworker around the corner from the empire state building. it ended a few minutes later when police shot johnson dead on fifth avenue. n.y.p.d. commissioner ray kelly. >> during a downsizing at the company about a year ago johnson was laid off. in front of the building, johnson produced a pistol and fired at close range, striking his 41-year-old victim in the head. >> reporter: the victim, steve ercolino, was shot five times. police say johnson walked aw
>> this is the cbs evening news with scott pelley reporting tonight from the republican national convention. >> pelley: good evening. republicans are gathering here for the biggest night of their convention, but we still have an eye on a crisis unfolding along the gulf. floodwaters are rising, the legacy of hurricane isaac. the storm is now a tropical depression moving north.are beig evacuated downstream, including the entire town of kentwood, louisiana. byron pitts is there. byron. >> reporter: well, scott, firefighters and deputies drove through neighborhoods here. they spoke on loud speakers. they gave clear and simple directions-- "you have 90 minutes. pack what you can and go." kim garmillion and her husband thought they were done running when they moved here from new orleans. they were wrong. >> i think it's crazy. we moved here after katrina, and we're just praying that everything will be fine. >> reporter: isaac has already dumped more than 20 inches of rain along the gulf coast in three days, and it's still raining. today, mississippi's lake tangipahoa swelled beyond its banks. thi
forward? >> i think so, yeah. >> we'll be back and poll numbers are coming in . talk to scott rasmussen who has the latest on ryan's favorables and whether the romney campaign can turn things around in the polls, stay with us. >> we offer solutions that are bold, specific and achievable. we offer our commitment to help create 12 million new jobs and bring better take home pay to middle class families. >> back with our coverage of the fox news channel. paul ryan is the vice-presidential running mate for mitt romney. find out more about congressman ryan. we have polster scott rasmussen from new jersey. great to see you. we saw the numbers at the end of the week that showed mitt romney was losing ground to obama. nine points in our fox news poll and 7 point in the cnn poll. people said he needs to make a bold move and needs to make it now. do you think in terms of public opinion it will turn things around and if yes, why. >> start with the premise that he was in trouble. it does show him down 9. but those following the race it is a tossum and that is a good approximateliation. we show romn
)) gerald scott and company sing songs of praise. and they are out withha new album....a performance ... coming p in our next half hour. you're watching ffx 45 good day baltimore. ((break 4)) anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. 3 3 3& 3 map 395 ma[p 3 map 395 ma[p map 395 ma[p it's sentencing day for george . huguely.he's the former u-v-a lacross playee coovicted of killing cockeysville ative... yeardley love.tom rodgers is here with mmre on what his fate ould hold today. it's expected that the judge sentencing huguely. huguely.he'' facing a maximum of 26-years behind february... jjrors found him ggilty offsecond degree murder
? pete? >> i don't know that i think it's coming to an end actually, scott. we've just gotten through the earnings season. i think overall the earnings season was a boost to the market. now that you've gotten that financial participation, the xlf moving to the upside, we've had a couple days where we've pulled back somewhat but i think that was the lagging part of the market was not having the financials participate. now you've had that great participation to the upside this can extend and i think many of the financials still look like they're ripe and could go to the next level. >> big doc, rally over? >> no, it's not, scott. too many reasons why the market could pull back, however, not the least of which is, what, seven out of the last mondays we've seen the markets fight against the bears. we -- right now i think we're in a position where people are anticipating what's going to be coming at jackson hole, that letter to darrell issa by bernanke is helping the bulls case today, but i wouldn't be surprised to see us pull back again early next week, scott, and monday would be the most
this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. we're learning tonight that before last month's theater massacre in colorado, officials at the university of colorado invalidated the access key of james holmes so he could no longer enter the buildings of the medical school campus. that was part of what prosecutors revealed in a court hearing today that was attended by holmes. the prosecutors are asking the judge in the case for holmes' records and e-mails from his time as a student at the university where he was studying for a ph.d. in neuroscience. they're hoping to establish a motive in the shooting that killed 12 and wounded 58 others. senior correspondent john miller is joining us. and, john, what else did we learn? >> reporter: well, scott, when prosecutors made their argument that these records are relevant to their case, they said some things we'd never heard before. they said the school records would detail how holmes failed his board exams, his withdrawal from the ph.d. program, that holmes made threats to the university of colorado campus, was banned from the ca
" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, the storm cleared over the gulf coast today and the full impact of hurricane katrina is now becoming clear. the first hurricane to hit the u.s. this season left at least five people dead. more than 20 inches of rain combined with the storm surge left whole neighborhoods underwater in louisiana. the power is still out for more than half a million homes and businesses and the damage could top $2 billion. our mark strassmann has been talking with some of the people who have lost nearly everything. >> reporter: for the first time today we were able to look from the air at the abandoned neighborhoods in plaquemines parish, swamped by five feet of isaac's storm surge. crews have begun cutting as many as 10 holes in its levees east and west banks to drain the water and in brathwaite, 19 miles south of norlts, residents are frustrated just as they were after katrina. a flood wall as high as 35 feet built after katrina protects new orleans and it worked-- for new orleans. but the new flood wall starts short of brathwaite and its 500 residents. timothy dood
scott brown, one of the first big name republicans to come out against akin. shaunna, i want to play governor romney's late est assertion. >> the xlern comments with regae are offensive, inappropriate and wrong. and i think almost all americans concur that this man has said something that's totally inappropriate and offensive. and i'm hoping that he will give great attention to this issue today and will make a decision, which is in the best interest of the values he has for the future of the country and the country itself. >> the clock is ticking but again, already, congressman akin, says he's not dropping out of the senate race. no the less, we know this is about the female voters out there, women voters. you had so many people on saying today, perhaps rightfully, women like men are not one-issue voters here. but at least from those you've spoken to, maybe even those who are independent and were on the fence, quite honestly what have you heard? >> yeah, absolutely. just inside of 12 hours, we had close to 200,000 people, women and men, across the country sign a petition demanding th
to tammy baldwin. >> scott brown is seeking reelection. in massachusetts. virginia is an open seat. take the two races. such uses. massachusetts. how do you win that state? >> scott brown has done a magnificent job. he has shown himself great candidates. it appeared the quality of the person makes a difference. conversely, elizabeth warren has not met expectations. her fund-raising has been phenomenal. it takes more than money to win elections. i think her inept way she is handling the unproven claim of the native american heritage and other issues with president obama trailing the claim that small businesses did not build the business and that it was government that did it, they are out of touch with folks in massachusetts. scott brown is an independent senator. his work across the aisle and been at a number of presidential signing ceremonies. people will see him for what he is, someone willing to solve the problems that confront massachusetts and our country. he has been pretty independent. >> what about virginia? >> virginia is very close. both of these men are well known. tim kaine's
scott has committed suicide. he was 68. >> he was sometimes overshadowed by his big brother ridley scott, but tony scott had a stellar career of his own, directing more than two dozen big budget movies and tv shows. police say he jumped to his death from a bridge over los angeles harbor. tony scott was best known for directing the 1986 box office hit "top gun" starring tom cruise. he directed "enemy of the state," in 1998 spy thriller starring gene hackman. in another death in the entertainment world, american pop singer scott mackenzie has died at the age of 73. he had been ill for some time with the disease that affects the nervous system. >> he only had one hit song, but it is certainly one that no one can ever forget. san francisco was released in 1967 and became an instant classic. >> ♪ if you are going to san francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair if you're going to san francisco -- ♪ >> well, that is all for now. thanks so much for joining us. >> you can see more and hear more on our website. that is >> goodbye. captioned by the national captioning institut
. thank you for watching. >> i would like to bring on stage supervisor scott from district a who is going to do all the honors for us. introduce our special guests. our allies. hi, scott. >> happy pride, everyone. happy transpride. we're a lot of times we have different opinions and over the course of a year, sometimes we have different perspectives, disagreements, but this is the time of year when we come together as one community so that we can move forward together. and that includes the entire diversity of the we're community. please always know that i will stand with the transcommunity for employment rights, to end health care discrimination against this community and we are going to move forward together. now i have the great honor of introducing someone who i learned politics and how to be an elected official and that is our great snarkts mark lone. he has -- senator, mark leno. he has taught me many, many things performs one of them is we will always stand with our transbrothers and sisters. it is a great honor to welcome senator mark leno. >> thank you, scott. let's give a great
a week of mourning. tony scott, the director of hollywood blockbusters and jumps to his death in los angeles. it is midday in london. 7:00 in the morning in washington and a 7:00 in the evening in beijing. a scandal has taken a new turn. the wife of bo xilai has been given a suspended death sentence for the murder. it means she is likely to face a lengthy jail term. china will have to decide how to deal with bo. >> china today put on a show of justice. the lawyer arrived knowing the verdict was sound. she was brought to court having already confessed to murdering neil heywood. even the powerful arm above the law here. the wife of one of china's most high-profile politicians found guilty. >> there were careful to be lenient towards her. she did not get the full death sentence. the judge accepted she had a mental breakdown and was out of control of her actions. she should serve a minimum of 14 years. >> she said the verdict was just an showed respect for the law and for life. she poisoned the businessmen at this hotel. she got him drunk and port cyanide in his mouth. they had fallen ou
. " things cap off with romney's speech. joining us is scott helman, from "theboston globe," and the author of "the real romney." tell us about the picture painted of romney. what is the message they want to get out about him? >> i think they want to get out a number of things. what we've seen so far and tonight, in principle, is to bring a sense of mitt romney, the man. his life, character, experiences. those are either not getting through or being misinterpreted, perhaps. as many romney supporters say, obamary are sullied by and his team. i think he has to redefine himself. this culminates tonight with his speech. and we see an effort to cast him as the natural leader of a party wanting to reform. romney is a good candidate with high levels of competence. the mr. fix it guy. i think those are teh two things we've seen. this will amp tonight. >> scott helman is the co-author of "the real romney." let me read this from the prologue. there are many who have known or worked with romney. he is sometimes looking not into your eyes, but past them. it can make him seem too self- aware. even some
they return from the games. one lawmaker proposing a change. scott mcgrew will have that information coming up at 6:30. >> time to check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. gold winning. >> you know, we're going to see another day of the gold, especially bayside. and at the coast gorgeous conditions. taking a live look at san francisco. good morning to you. mostly cloudy start here. these clouds are going to last probably the first part of the day, then clear out very quickly by about 9:00 inland. and that means best weather today will be found by the water. 54 to start out in san francisco this morning, we're at 59 in sunnyvale, 57 in san jose. and look at your beach conditions in santa cruz. phenomenal. by 2:00 p.m. you'll be at 70. 75 at 4:00 p.m. abundant sunshine, good air quality. things change into the weekend. the beach day, not going to be as nice saturday and sunday as they will be today and tomorrow. that's your hint you want to hit the beach. you have to deal with the weekend traffic if you want to head out saturday and sunday. today and tomorrow, phenomenal. 96 inlan
, for the next four years to fully repair the damage from the great recession. and, scott, that is something this economy has never done before. >> pelley: rebecca, thank you very much. because more jobs were created than expected, wall street took that as a good sign. the dow closed up 217 points, closing above 13,000. with 95 days to go before the election, we wondered about the president's job creation record. so have a look. the great recession was still on when president obama took office in january of 'sub 9. that month the economy lost more than 800,000 jobs, grim days. and it continued to lose jobs for 13 more months. in march of 2010, jobs began to grow. there was another dip, but jobs have been created for 22 months in a row now. still, that growth is too modest to put a dent in the unemployment rate. jobs are the issue likely to decide the race for the white house, and we have two reports tonight. first whitt wit with the romney campaign in las vegas. bill. >> reporter: scott, governor mitt romney came to this city with one of the worst unemployment rate in the country-- 12.1%-- a
noted it, scott fled officers around 2:00 a.m. this morning. they have set up a perimeter. menlo park police have also assisted. k-9 police also came in and conducted a track parade of the last known location was around pappas drive and all that as. >>> do you know of the suspect is a souvenir of the university >>> no. he is affiliated with a retired professor parade >>> tell us about the arrest, suspicious of domestic balance? >>> that's correct, scott was taking into custody for battering his girlfriend. >>> he was last wearing some jeans, a light colored t-shirt. and open sores? does have anything to do with the arrest? >>> the open sores were already there. he did that cause on at the time for it a bad cut of gamow >>> at this point it at time, there is still an active search for him. there is a perimeter around campus and we are bringing in additional securities. we don't have reason to believe that scott poses an immediate threat to the population however he is now wanted by the police so his emotions may be heightened at this point in time. >>> was there just one officer and we
deep for hewlett-packard? let's bring in scott budman who joins us with the latest look at the earnings report from hp. i'm guessing there's no meg whitman magic here. >> not yet. millions of dollars in losses over the last three month largely because of companies hp bought and then lost money on. hp's quarterly loss of nearly $9 billion is the company's largest in its history. it's not only bad acquisitions to blame, hp's product line is not pulling in the sales it needs to stay competitive. it's losing ground to other companies. >> part of what's happening is the lower end where hp had strength because it's a great big company with purchasing power, that's being eaten away by asian competitors. the higher end n, apple is going really well so where is hp's profit growth going to come from? >> meg whitman today saying the company saw 4,000 employees leave over the last three months. hp in the middle of a big round of layoffs. the plan is to cut back 27,000 employees by the end of 2014. as you can imagine not much in the way of good news for investors to cling to and shares of hp stock h
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 2,805 (some duplicates have been removed)